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Get involved!

Have an idea to make Cardinia Lakes better? This is your chance to make it a reality! You and your neighbours could receive support to help you get your idea off the ground (or in the ground)… the first three projects took place in summer 2016-2017, but there’s more to come.

Want to plant veggies in the verge, put together a market or festival, or more? Come along to the next meeting to get involved… more details are available at the residents’ website below.

About the project

The Neighbourhood Project makes community-led projects easier by removing roadblocks and headache for local residents and their councils.

This summer, selected Melbourne neighbourhoods are invited to run community projects on underutilised land in their area. The Neighbourhood Project team will pay close attention to how you go, so we can produce a toolkit of resources and recommendations to make it easier for communities and councils across Australia.

Get involved to meet new people and make an impact in your community, all while supporting a groundbreaking trial on how to create friendly, thriving neighbourhoods.

Learn more about who is involved at the bottom of the page, and read more about the project at the Neighbourhood Project homepage.

Why your community?

The Neighbourhood Project is championing a summer of community action in Box Hill, Brooklyn and Cardinia Lakes.

Earlier this year, the Neighbourhood Project asked councils around Melbourne if any were willing to do things a little differently to help their communities run local projects. Cardinia Shire Council, Hobsons Bay City Council and The City of Whitehorse raised their hands, and here we are!

If you’re keen to participate, please come to a workshop or contact us with the form at the bottom of the page. If you’re a business, group, or local interested in supporting your neighbourhood’s projects, please contact us and encourage your friends and neighbours to get involved!


Community Barbecue

17 December

Swing down to Windermere Park for a snag and a chat with your neighbours, and learn how to get involved in the projects listed below – bring the kids, as there will be activities for everyone.

Murals and Photography Project

Join local artists and photographers to learn tips and tricks for a creative 2017… and put your new skills to the test with a neighbourhood mural and photo challenge, culminating in an exhibition around the lake. All ages welcome!

  • 17 December: Join local photographers at the BBQ for tips on taking the perfect shot this summer – and learn how to join our summer Photography Project!
  • 7 January: The final day for posting your photographs for the Photography Project.
  • 14 January: Mural Fun Day at Windermere Park, from 10am to 5pm – bring the kids!
  • 18 January: Community’s murals and winning photographs erected along balustrades around Cardinia Lakes

Movie Night

20 January: Join the community for a family-friendly movie night under the stars, plus celebrate the launch of the Cardinia Lakes murals and Photography Project! Details coming soon…

Get inspired!

The Anstey Village neighbourhood threw a block party that brought the community together and made some lasting changes too.

Watch the video!

Keep it cheap and cheerful by finding local skills, resources, and low-cost materials to do something fun.

View PDF presentation.

Sheet of tools, tips and resources to build community in your neighbourhood.

Download PDF here.


People power at its most local! Vote for your favourite idea, especially if you’d like to help make it happen.

Submissions and voting are now closed, but have a look below at the great ideas you and your neighbours suggested.

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Invite your neighbours to vote: [DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PLUS]

Submission criteria

Don’t stress the small stuff:
Submissions can be as vague as you like – something like “more family activities” is just as good, if not better, than “family film screenings on Wednesdays at 4:30pm on the wall outside the library”. Once the neighbourhood has a general idea of what’s wanted, you can hammer out the specifics together.

Location, location, location:
While you don’t have to identify locations just yet, keep in mind that all projects will take place on council-owned land.

Realistic scale:
You and your neighbours will be bringing these ideas to life, so maybe that enormous music festival starring Beyonce would be better off as a neighbourhood fete showcasing local talent… you might discover a Beyonce-to-be right around the corner.

I voted! Now what?
After submissions close on 12 September, you’re invited to come down in person and select the final three ideas with your neighbours. We’ll get in touch with you closer to the date, and watch this page for updates.


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The Neighbourhood Project is run by CoDesign Studio, a Collingwood-based not-for-profit, with funding from the Myer Foundation. Many thanks to our partners at Resilient Melbourne and the Municipal Association of Victoria, as well as city2050, Think Impact, MRCagney and more.

Special thanks to the communities of Cardinia Lakes, Brooklyn, and Box Hill, and their councils Cardinia Shire Council, Hobsons Bay City Council, and the City of Whitehorse, for their enthusiastic participation in this exciting program.

CoDesign Studio

The Neighbourhood Project is the brainchild of CoDesign Studio, a social enterprise design consultancy that inspires people to shape resilient, thriving neighbourhoods for everyone.


The Myer Foundation

The Neighbourhood Project is made possible with the support of the Myer Foundation, a philanthropic foundation that engages with the community to promote a just, creative, enlightened, caring and sustainable Australia.


Resilient Melbourne

Resilient Melbourne is part of the international network of 100 Resilient Cities, pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation, helping cities around the world become more resilient to the physical, social and economic challenges that are a growing part of the 21st century.


Municipal Association of Victoria

Peak body for local government in Victoria, Australia.

Cardinia Shire Council

Cardinia Shire Council

Cardinia Shire Council and the neighbourhood of Cardinia Lakes are one of the three flagship communities participating in the Neighbourhood Project.


City of Whitehorse

The City of Whitehorse and the neighbourhood of Box Hill are one of the three flagship communities participating in the Neighbourhood Project.

Hobsons Bay

Hobsons Bay City Council

Hobsons Bay City Council and the neighbourhood of Brooklyn are one of the three flagship communities participating in the Neighbourhood Project.

Header photo: Ian W Johnston