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Wednesday May 9th, 2018

CoDesign Studio

We are excited to announce that Valli Morphett will be joining the CoDesign team as CEO effective from June 2018. With extensive experience, Valli has been living and breathing placemaking and engagement for the last decade.

You can read the full article on Valli and other CoDesign news in our May Newsletter:

Morph-it - People Place Create

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Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! Talk about Dream Team Valli Morphett 🙌

Congratulations Valli!

Woo ooo congratulations Valli Morphett 👏👏👏

Major congrats Valli

Fab stuff!

CONGRATULATIONS Valli and CoDesign Studio - huge loss for SA/huge gain for Melbourne!

Wow tremendous news!!

Congratulations Valli 👌🏼

Amazing news! Congrats Valli Morphett!

Congratulations Valli!! 👏How wonderful! Sad news for SA but look out Victoria!

You are unbelievable Valli I am so proud and happy xx

Great news Valli Morphett

Yay Valli Morphett more awesome peeps Jerez Melbs! Let’s catch up when you’re comfy coziedup!!

Congrats Valli... Ill continue to follow your adventures with interest and admiration xx

Great pick up!

Congratulations Valli Morphett

Congratulations Valli Morphett, SA will miss your amazing energy and talent, all the best with your new gig, great things to come 👏

Congrats Valli Morphett!!! Xx

Congratulations Valli Morphett awesome news

Congrats Valli❤️💙💛

wooo hoo !!! - go get em Valli -we will miss you in Radelaide!

Congrats Valli Morphett - exciting for you, sad for Adelaide!

Congratulations Valli!!

Well done well done. Our loss!

So awesome Valli! I’m going to miss your continual chalk art and other placemaking daily snippets in Ad that consistently bring a little rays of sunshine to my day !:)

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Saturday March 24th, 2018

CoDesign Studio
Tomorrow, Saturday 25th March is #NeighbourDay. There couldnt be a better time to think about acting locally. Here are 6 community-led #placemaking strategies for transforming neighbourhoods from the ground up. For more on this, visit #TNPnews

Tomorrow, Saturday 25th March is #NeighbourDay. There couldn't be a better time to think about acting locally. Here are 6 community-led #placemaking strategies for transforming neighbourhoods from the ground up. For more on this, visit #TNPnews ... See MoreSee Less


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I like the look of that movie about a chicken...


Tuesday February 27th, 2018

CoDesign Studio

The Point Cook Pop Up Park Pilot Neighbourhood Project has blown us all away with their incredible town centre pop up!

This community-led project leveraged their networks to deliver a project much bigger than they could have managed alone - from Stockland and local traders to Council, grass suppliers, community centres, and more, this is a true whole-of-community effort! Check out their Facebook group for more, plus a seven-week events calendar if you're in the area! #tnpnewsJust a few snaps.
Lots of wonderful other pics were taken.
What a transformation today!
Thank you to all the volunteers that gave up their day.
Thank you for all the local dining venues that offered us food and drink.
Dosa Hut PointCook, Grill'd Point Cook, The Burrito Bar and Nandos Pointcook
Your thoughtfulness was very appreciated.
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Steven Abbott

Philip DeAraugo